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Chatar patar kholey mu ka shutter !

Delicious street foods at Chatar Patar Rajouri Garden
Whenever you are in Delhi and craving for something special and exciting
cuisines, visit Chatar Patar. You can taste freshest and yummiest
streets foods at reasonable rates, moreover Chatar Patar is such
expectation quick service restaurant that gives you immense pleasure and
offers the real Indoori version of ready-to-serve meals. It is famous
for hygienically prepared Panipuri, in fact Chatar Patar is India’s 1st
brand that provides wide range of panipuri flavours in organized format.
  The foodservice industry in India is changing dynamically over last
few years owing to constant

 transformation in eating-out behaviour of
consumers. In order to gain success in food business all your products
must be differentiated and appealing. At Chatar Patar, whole menu is
inspired by local street foods and natural ingredients, spices or herbs
have been used to prepare cuisines. After extensive research, recipes
such as Chaatizza (perfect combination of chaat and pizza), aloo chakri

and zappi has been developed. Additionally you can order for flavourful
and toothsome chaats, bhel and Pan Shots as well.
At Chatar Patar Rajouri Garden, you can refresh your mood with awesome
foods and beautifully designed store, without a doubt, It is perfect
destination to quench your hunger.

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