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Every Day, Every Week: bigbasket “GoodDiet” challenge

In this day and age of busy lifestyles and stress, most of us compromise on healthy eating. Right from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go back to sleep, we are in a hurry.Many people skip their breakfast, which is one of the most essential meals to kickstart your day and make sure you stay alert and active through the remainder of it. For me, healthy eating is not a short-term diet plan but a long-term lifestyle change! So, what do you do when you are hard-pressed for time but also need to eat healthy? Worry not! My go-to mantra for this is the GoodDiet range from bigbasket. Their ready-to- eat and ready-to- cook range is not a quick-fix solution when you don’t have time but also an option that is healthy and tasty at once!

I took a 7-day GoodDiet challenge and trust me, I am not complaining!

Day One

Black rice has been in news since quite some time now. And thus, it was GoodDiet’s Black Rice for lunch on day one of this challenge. Black rice is high on antioxidants and prevents diabetes and obesity.

Day Two
When in doubt, eat dosa! bigbasket’s multi-grain dosa mix is just apt when you are looking for a mix of health and taste. On day two of the challenge, I succumbed to this delicacy and my mornings have never been better. A multi-grain breakfast gives you the goodness of fibre and keeps those craving at bay.

Day Three
Dinner on day three was my favorite Quinoa Roasted Chicken with Olive Germolata. For the dish, I used GoodDiet White Quinoa Grains, which upped the taste quotient by several notches. For those looking at reducing their carb intake, these seeds are just right.

Day Four
When hunger strikes, don’t go nuts! Try the GoodDiet Cheese N’ Onion Peanuts instead. This was my go-to snack on day five. Peanuts are an excellent source of protein and leave you feeling full for a longer time.

Day Five
It is not uncommon for hunger pangs to strike in between meal time – and they did! My personal snacking favorites for the fifth day of the challenge were the GoodDiet Melon N’ Flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are rich in Omega-3s and these made sure that I do not snack on anything unhealthy.

Day Six
Dinner should always be a light meal, and I decided to put together a salad with GoodDiet Quinoa Grains garnished with some GoodDiet Chia seeds. The fibre in quinoa satiates your hunger and gives you just the right amount of carbs. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3s, and a healthy substitute for other salad dressings.

Day Seven
Idlis are my favorite when it comes to dishing out a quick breakfast. I used the GoodDiet Oats Idli mix to make the most sumptuous and fluffy idlis. What is even better is that they have the added goodness of oats, which are rich in fibre. For my post-breakfast snack, I tried the GoodDiet Diet Chivda mix, which is a crunchy mix of chivda, peanuts, and Bengal gram.
Though the 7-day challenge is over, I am hooked to the GoodDiet range. If you haven’t already tried it, I suggest you order from bigbasket right away. Not only do they offer the most convenient way to order but also ensure that their customers stay healthy and fit!

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