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My Mahou Moments!!

As I am sitting under the chilly winter afternoon with a bright sun facing me, I can think of the times when we friends used to meet and enjoy beer together.

Just like chai, beer has served me one of the fondest memories I had with my friends. 6 bottles of beer and 6 friends and long conversations. It indeed used to be beer pe charcha and not chai pe charcha.

Talking of beer, I recently got my hands on Mahou beer (Clasica and 5 star). Clasica is a lager and has a fruity taste and the best part is the foam that I save for the last and how I make the moustache with it. Clasica has a distinct taste and truly has the essence of Spain in it. Oh, By the way, did I tell you guys that Mahou is a Spanish beer brand and has been in Spain for over 126 years!!! Mahou is a favourite of all Spanish people and a must product at most of their gatherings. So in Spain, people drink beer in small shot glasses called Canas and enjoy the same with quick bites called Tapas. I just has chicken wings with clasica, that is my Indian rendition of Tapas, Haha!

Coming to 5 star, my best friend had a very unique taste for strong beers. He used to say that, a beer is not enjoyed if it’s not strong. Today, while I am remembering my friend, I am drinking Mahou 5 star (Someone has to fill the space 😉 ). 5 star is a treat for those who love strong beers. The perfect bitterness and a perfect taste, 5 star is a complete package. 5 star tasted amazing with some hot paneer tikkas. Spicy tikkas and chilled strong beer has been the best combination ever.

While I write this article out of nostalgia, I would like to thank Mahou for helping me relive the moments again. This time I had a new friend named Mahou.


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