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Portea’s at-home services: A boon for women

Being a mother is a 24 X 7 X 365 job. No leaves. No wages. Nurturing children is like a 20-year project which leaves a woman with an unofficial doctoral degree along with a dozen aching bones and a number of other health issues. The health issues do not arise from caring for children. They stem from the fact that most of them forget to take care of themselves in the rush to match the growing needs of their children. And of course, it is every mother’s business to worry about her kids and spouse, their health, career, and finances. The lack of self-attention only begins to sink in when their sugar levels rise, knee joints stiffen, and blood pressure shoots up. A slowing metabolism manifests in the form of fat pockets and a growing waistline. This is the story of most women in their late 30s or early 40s. But this doesn’t have to be your story. It is your life and you have every means of controlling it. All you need to do is take a deep breath and stop for a moment. Just the way my mother did.

My mother’s day starts at 5 am. Not with a cup of tea but with yoga and pranayama. Although she makes sure that the family’s needs are taken care of appropriately, she does not compromise on her routine. While she has always been health conscious, I too felt the need to contribute to her efforts in some way. Keeping this in mind, my mother’s day surprise for her this year was a gift card from Portea. Ageing and constant stress take a toll on women as they often tend to neglect their health. With this gift, I wanted to ensure that my mother puts her feet up to relax.

Portea’s range of services included a special health check package, a session with a nutritionist and Gynae consultation all at home. The health check package was quite comprehensive and inclusive of all age-appropriate tests ranging from diabetes check, test for hypertension, lipid profile, thyroid function test besides other routine tests. The nutritionist’s suggestions were not only practical but also interesting and flexible enough to suit the needs of everyone in the family. The doctor visited us for a home consultation and had a patient discussion with my mother about all important aspects. I was surprised to find that everything from blood tests to doctor consultation was done at home, thanks to Portea. Door step services like these offer a great opportunity for women like my mother to take care of their own health even when it may be difficult for them to take time out from their routine. Timely diagnosis can not only ensure good health but also prevent life threatening situations. Women are a pivotal part of their families and their ill-health can mean the lives of everyone around them coming to a stand-still. Ensuring good health of your loved ones is only a click away with Portea. They are not only affordable but also easily accessible. Besides, the test reports are sent to you through email. My mother really loved this package and both of us would definitely recommend the same to friends and acquaintances.

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