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Will Varun’s Judwaa 2 match up to the humour of its Wikipedia page?

Judwaa 2 is all set for a month-end release on September 29 and is making news, no surprises there, but for more hilarious reasons than one. It all started with people getting really confused with the lyrics of the new Oonchi hai building song in the Taapsee Pannu-Jacqueline Fernadez-Varun Dhawan starrer. While Neha Kakkar sang “Swagger wale Raja”, all the rest of the world could decipher was “Sagar wale Raja”. While the movie promises to be a laugh riot, people are already finding it funny and this time, it is because of the film’s plot summary on Wikipedia.

It seems whoever created the Wikipedia page for the upcoming film was in a rush and belted out the words in such a hurry that s/he did not bother to go through an edit. You may roll your eyes and call us grammar Nazis, sure, but we suggest you read the plot summary first too. While the hilariously written bit has been taken down from the page, we have a screenshot of the same, strictly for laughs!


“Prem (Varun Dhawan) is a simple and steady boy and gets into touch with a very beautiful girl Samaara (Taapsee Pannu) and they both live for long. Prem was ragged by seniors in the college because of his very childish norm,” read one of the paragraphs of the Wikipedia plot.

 While we are yet to see if the movie delivers on its promises, it clearly seems to be leaving a lot of us in splits prior its release.

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