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BAFTA Awards 2021 pushed to April 11 due to coronavirus

The British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) has announced April 11 as the new date for its 2021 film awards.

The decision was taken after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences shifted Oscars 2021 date from February 28 to April 25 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally, the 2021 BAFTAs were going to take place on February 14 and the change allows for an extended eligibility period.

This change from the previously announced date of Feb. 14 acknowledges the impact of the global pandemic and accommodates an extended eligibility period. Further details on the ceremony will be announced later in the year, said BAFTA in a statement to Variety.

The new date will also allow the UK awards show to remain among the last of the Oscars precursors.

BAFTA said further details about its eligibility period will be announced soon.

The organisation said the date for the 2022 Film Awards is also under consideration.

The date for the 2022 Film Awards, announced last year as 13 February, is currently under consideration as part of the Awards Review (set up following this year’s film nominations), and any changes will be published once the Review has been completed, alongside other findings and recommendations, the statement added.

The Academy had announced on Monday that the 93rd Academy Awards will now be held April 25, 2021, eight weeks later than originally planned because of the pandemic’s effects on the film industry.

The eligibility window for feature films has also been pushed to February 28, 2021.

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